Hello all,

Standard price BUCS entry deadline is tomorrow 8/11/2022 so make your entries now, after tomorrow you can still enter until the 15th but at a 20% premium.

Instructions on the entry process can be found here: BUCS entry

Once you’ve entered or decided you intend to enter please dm/email Rufus (rb957) with the event(s) you want to take part in (ITF/WT and patterns/sparring)

Sorry for any confusion, we only just found out about this sub-deadline!


For beginners: BUCS is a thrice-yearly national competition between students (undergrad, postgrad and phd) which our club regularly attends, and it caters to all grades, abilities and styles of TKD. We would love to see as many CUTKD members compete as possible (for bonus intimidation), speak to Rufus (rb957@cam.ac.uk)  if you are unsure about competing with your experience level.

It’s all good conditioning!

CUTKD committee

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