Competitions are a highlight of taekwondo! They are high energy, fun, and are a great chance to meet (and kick!) other martial artists in the country. From newbie* to pro, it’s open to EVERYONE** and set up so you compete against people with the same grade, gender and weight class!
This year, CUTKD will be competing in the championship series organised by the British Student Taekwondo Federation (BSTF). All competitions have categories for WT and ITF style patterns and sparring, so there is something for everyone!

This year, the target competition schedule is:

25th November 2023 — BUCS Autumn Championships
10th February 2024 — BUCS Winter Championships
9-10th March 2024 — BUCS Spring Championships

There are usually many other taekwondo competitions taking place in the UK throughout the year, and we are very happy to support CUTKD involvement in them. Please contact us if you are keen or just want more information about other competitions!

*We ask that beginners do not enter sparring competitions until they have graded to at least yellow belt.
**These competitions require participants to be members of a UK university taekwondo club. This means anyone can compete, including non-student members. However, please get in touch, because some disciplines and categories are restricted to a full-time students.


Varsity is our annual match against Oxf*rd University Taekwon-Do , usually occurring in Lent term. Nominally four teams of five athletes (mens and womens, A and B teams, subject to availability) compete in sparring matches against their Oxfordian counterparts. As Oxf*rd is an ITF only club, and we are primarily WT, the ruleset is a hybrid of standard ITF and WT rules, to facilitate competitors of either style.

As Taekwondo is a full blues sport, competing in Varsity is a key component of the blues criteria