Welcome to Cambridge University Taekwondo (CUTKD)! Established in 1990, we are Cambridge University’s student-run Taekwondo club, fully registered with British Taekwondo. Although we are affiliated with the University, we are open to anyone over the age of 18. Click here to meet our instructors and committee members!

Taekwondo is a Korean kick-focused martial art with two main disciplines: kyorugi (sparring) and poomsae (patterns). At CUTKD we teach the basics as well as more advanced fighting and poomsae techniques in specialist sessions. We also have a weekly session dedicated to ITF style fighting.

What Experience Do I Need To Join?

CUTKD is open to people of all experience levels, from complete beginners to black belts. Whilst we are a predominantly WT club, we also welcome members who have previously trained in other styles of taekwondo to continue their training. All beginners starting at CUTKD will be taught the WT syllabus. Gradings by our head coach for colour belts occur at the end of every term, however Dan gradings must be completed at larger clubs which offer them.

We also take part in several competitions every year. The main competition series is BUCS, the National Student Championships, which offers competition at all levels of experience and is open to all students. There are three of these championships throughout the year. We also compete with the Oxf*rd taekwondo team every year at Varsity in Lent Term. Finally, we sometimes take part in other regional competitions if there is enough interest.

Why Join CUTKD?

In summary, if you are looking to pick up a hobby that improves your fitness, flexibility and self defence skills, look no further! We also hold many socials and events throughout the year, so you have the opportunity to get to know and make friends with your kicking targets.

To find out more go to our FAQ page. If you are interested in joining CUTKD check out this page and follow us on Instagram @cambridge_university_taekwondo!

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