After your first free lesson, the fixed costs are £30 per year; this covers your club membership, regular newsletters full of hints, tips and social events, club discounts and insurance (a legal requirement) and you’ll even get another complimentary class as a welcome gift in your first year with us.

Training sessions are then paid for per lesson, or per term:

£80 for unlimited classes per week (approx. £3 per class)
£65 for 2 classes per week (approx. £4 per class)
Or £5 per class. Perfect for those that want flexibility.**

These costs will be adjusted based on the number of weeks left in the term should you join late. We accept cash, cheques (made payable to ‘CUTKD’). You can also pay online, via PayPal to this address:

Pay your TKD fees with PayPal

Out of term training costs £5 per taekwondo lesson, payable at the class.

Make sure you register with British Taekwondo when becoming a member of CUTKD. Fill in the sign up form, then click ‘new application’ on your profile page.

You will need to purchase a dobok (uniform), from around £20+ , in time for your first grading. For competition, we recommend you buy your own pads.

**To grade and work your way to a black belt, you will need to train a minimum of 2 times per week. You may upgrade to a pay-per-term option at any time.