Honorary President

Grand Master Yong Sup Shin, 9th Dan
Founder of the Tae Ryong Taekwondo School


Chief Instructor

Dr Peter Smielewski, chief instructor since 1999

Dr Peter Smielewski, Chief Instructor since 1999

Chief Instructor – Dr Peter Smielewski, 4th dan


Committee Members 2017/18

Imogen Richards
Club President
Second Year Engineer at Trinity

Favourite Kick: Anything that’s not a twisting kick

“Does anyone want some pie?”

Sylwia Sajdak
Vice President
Second Year Geographer at Jesus

Favourite Kick: Back kick                                              

“I’ll be a green belt forever!”

Kimberly Bowal
Anna Smielewski
Rishi Umeria
Junior Treasurer
James Prideaux-Ghee
Social Secretary
Fourth Year Physicist at Queens’

Favourite Kick: Rolling half-turning kick                                         


Joe Scott
Social Secretary
Luke Gardiner
Social Secretary
Chiyun Lee
Equipment Officer
Nathen Chung